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Coronavirus Made Me Do It

March 28, 2020

Before the world exploded into some post-apocalyptic experience, it had been radio silence on here. I never blogged for the views. I blogged for me. Writing is a form of output and stress relief. In between the last post, sometime in 2018, and today, March 2020, I have shifted that stress relief to exercise and creative projects in the classroom. With the current state of the world, the gym we go to is closed, my husband and I are living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a porch for outdoor space, Teddy is living his best life with both his humans home 24/7 and I am teaching my 3rd graders from our dining room table.

Nothing is fair at this moment. If someone told me that this is where we would be at when 2020 started I would have told you that you were wrong. There are many days now I wish we could just start 2020 over again. Maybe the Patriots would have won the Superbowl and Tom Brady would not have left (I know, in the grand scheme of things today that seems like kid stuff), coronavirus may not have been a thing and we would still have pro sports on the air. Most importantly there would not be people dying, populations of people based on age or their health would not be at increased risk, New York would not be in complete crisis and life would be going on as usual.

I miss the classroom. I miss seeing my kids’ faces every morning. I miss my commute every day. I miss the mundane trips the grocery store not surrounded by a fear of getting sick. I miss going to the bookstore. I miss date nights on weekends. I miss having the choice of going wherever we want. The list can go on and on because you don’t realize the things you miss until they are taken away from you. When these things get taken away from you, you discover new things.

New adventures to come: gardening, more blogging, learning to house clean, figuring out creative ways to keep my kids engaged via remote learning because we can’t be in school right now, walking while maintaining a six-foot distance from others, finding creative ways to exercise in our apartment that feels like it’s getting smaller by the minute and silently hoping that this doesn’t last as long as the realist in me thinks it will. Our new reality is so not okay and until this whole “the world is shut down and slowly falling about” stops. This blog is going to be one of my saving graces.

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