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I Am (A Year Later)

June 27, 2015

Last summer, I was inspired by a post titled “I Am” on Coming Up Roses page. I was completely enthralled by this idea and wanted to write my own version. I was shocked by all the things I came up with in the process of editing my post. I wish I saved them somewhere because a year later I recall the list being pretty amazing and insightful. I decided to share my list from last year and share my new one I wrote up this year. I imagined they would all be slightly different and I was not totally wrong. There are still similarities but also differences. One year ago today this is who I was:

  • The youngest of three and an aunt to six amazing nieces and nephews
  • An amateur blogger with an overflow of ideas and no clue what to do with them
  • A mac enthusiast who is a little too plugged in sometimes
  • A college senior with major anxiety and excitement about entering the real world of teaching elementary school
  • A speed reader who doesn’t utilize this skill enough for books I want to read (not school required texts!)
  • An avid tennis player who still prefers singles over doubles (even after a whole summer of playing in doubles tournaments and doing well)
  • Someone whose favorite seasons are in a constant battle between fall and summer (have you seen the color of leaves in New England in the fall?)
  • A closeted girly girl who every so often loves to paint her nails pink and wear dresses
  • A terrible flyer who loves exploring the world
  • Obsessed with my Nikon and taking pictures of everything and anything

One year later I am:

  • The youngest of three and an aunt to six amazing nieces and nephews
  • A failing blogger who does not post as often as I want to
  • An Apple enthusiast who is not as plugged in as I used to. If I am I spend my time wisely. (Of course I am leaving out the hours I spend on Netflix and Facebook. Maybe I am not such a time productive internet user after all.)
  • A college graduate with a plan for next year. Yes I have a job as an assistant teacher and graduate school lined up.
  • A reader who picks up more education books than fiction books and enjoys them more. I think it’s a sign I picked the right career.
  • A tennis player who still spends hours at a time on the court and is on the dangerous cusp of injuring myself
  • A New England fall enthusiast and a summer lover.
  • Someone who spends 95% of the time in the summer wearing workout clothes.
  • Becoming a better flyer and gearing up for my trip to Richmond in a few days to get my new dog. (See below.)
  • A soon-to-be dog mom of a adorable Havapoo puppy and ready to take on the challenge
  • Still single but loving life. Who actually has time to navigate a relationship between work, school and a new puppy?
  • A Boston resident (officially) and getting excited to live in the heart of the city this year.

I was right. While a lot of these are still the same or slightly different there are some new ones. It goes to show life changes fast, especially when you are a senior in college and about to enter the real world. I am excited for what life throws at me this year. It should be an interesting one. This will be my first year in the real working world, my first semester in graduate school and starting my life in Boston.

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  • Reply Erica @ Coming Up Roses June 29, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    I LOVE that you wrote this a year later, Emily! What an awesome introspection you’ve got goin’ on here. You are NOT a failure in blogging. *Sending a virtual hug your way*
    If you want some help in your blogging game, maybe consider joining the New Year, New Blog (NYNB) blogging family ( Awesome hub for TONS of knowledge and networking and support. I also do one-on-one consulting if that’s ever something you’re interested in doing to kick it up a notch. (;

    AWESOME for having a job lined up…you go, girl! And way to not be as plugged in as before…teach me how to unplug?! LOL!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Reply emilybeks July 7, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Thank you for the blog love! I will definitely check out those other pages – I always am looking for some other ideas for blog posts! I am fresh out of them right now!
      It isn’t easy – I still spend a lot of time on my devices but I try to make it productive (if you can call Pinterest browsing productive)!

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