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Rainy Days on the Cape

July 25, 2017

Rainy days on the Cape effect how I spend my day dramatically. Usually I spend hours outside in the sun (evidenced by the tan I’ve built up this summer). However, when it’s a rainy day (and an unusually chilly mid 60 degrees) I spend time inside. This summer I have a stack of books I want to finish. My goal is to finish the stack by the end of the summer. In that stack were some Book of the Month books I never got around to, part of a young adult series I love and other finds from Barnes & Noble to fuel my teaching brain a bit.

There is something oddly calming about the rain and the cool weather. Aside the fact that it’s been so grossly hot and humid here the past week, it gives me time to reset and fuel myself into some creative activities. Everything on the Cape, especially in our town, quiets down because people are hiding indoors.

I accomplished a lot, sitting back and thinking about it. I had a few contenders for my #Grateful100 post yesterday because I was able to do a lot. These rainy days are nice for getting things done and letting my body take a break but at the same time I miss the constant movement and the sun. Fortunately, the rest of the week looks beautiful!

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