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July 21, 2017

I’ve successfully finished 100 Happy Days twice now. It definitely had me looking for things each day that made me happy but it wasn’t quite as reflective as I might have liked. I decided I am going to start another 100 day stretch on Instagram called #Grateful100. Every day I am going to post one thing or multiple things that I was grateful for that day.

Thinking about it, I worry that my moments of gratitude will get repetitive: my bed on long tired days, the tennis court during the summer, the school I will be working at etc. However, I think it’s okay if they do get repetitive because it’s what I was grateful for that day. I shouldn’t discount that in any way. I am excited about this commitment and in 100 days once I have hit the end I want to see if I can do that daily without really thinking about it. It will do me some good to keep a more positive mindset in general and this is step one for me.

Day one is starting today and I am looking forward to seeing how the day plays out. Keep an eye on my Instagram slider or my Instagram page for regular updates!

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