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A Dog Mom to Two…For Now and Eventually

July 20, 2017

My oldest sister and her family took off last Wednesday for a three week adventure around Japan. Not included in the mix of travelers was her seven year old goldendoodle. She changed her plans and left him here at the Cape with me, my parents and my dog, T (a 13 pound havapoo). They are the absolute best of friends and I don’t really know what Teddy will do when they get back from their trip and take C home to Brookline. Half the time I am pulling them off of each other and the other half I am sending C off to find T somewhere in our house.

I agreed to keeping him because an eventual dream of mine is to get a second dog. I by no means have the space to do it now but I figured it would be a good trial run for how it would go with two. C is attached to my dad’s hip so the majority of the day when he is awake and my dad is awake you can find C there. At night though and early mornings it is me, C and T on our own. It’s been an absolute blast. C is adorable in his own way from T. This experience has set it in stone. I am definitely getting a second dog when the time is right (I have a lawn, it is not just me, I have time to re-train another puppy and T is just a little older). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to start researching breeds though…

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