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Realistic Resolutions 2.0

January 1, 2015

Every year I make New Year’s resolutions and chances are I don’t get to all of them. When I was sorting through my room I found multiple lists from high school and I think one of the 10 things actually happened. Since then, I came to the conclusion¬†that resolutions have to be realistic and are things you have motivation to do. It is great to say you want to go to the gym every day but if there is no motivating factor it will be a battle.

When I started school I wanted to end my night reading. That didn’t happen and I’m still falling asleep to a TV show playing on my laptop with my light on. Since last year I managed to stick with the exercising and it has been extremely successful. I am in the best shape of my life at the moment. I am still eating clean and starting the Whole 30 in 11 days. That should be a fun adventure with a lot of new discoveries.

I am looking forward to graduating and starting the next phase of my life in Boston. Cleaning out the house in Riverdale has been fascinating. I found some gems and a lot of trash. I learned I was quite the writer when I was little. I also found all my softball trophies from my childhood. I was quite the athlete also apparently.

I have also made some amazing new friends and am spending time with people I did not anticipate. For the first time I celebrated my New Years Eve out with friends. I even had a drink! Turning 21 brings many pros. I am slowly reminding myself why being friends with guys is a lot easier than being friends with girls. Less drama and more fun 99% of the time.

The two biggest things coming my way this year are obviously student teaching and graduation. Spending most of my week with first graders in a classroom never sounded so good. It feels like I am finally starting the next stage in my life and it is beyond exciting. I can’t wait to be there all the time and continue learning from my mentor teacher. Before I graduate and get my teaching license I have a few more hurdles, mainly my MTELs, to conquer. I have goals for our Her Campus chapter, like 1,000 Facebook followers and a minimum number of weekly views for our site, which will be met. We met this past semester’s goals so I know it can be done. We gained over 100 new Facebook fans and reached over 100 Instagram posts.

2015 is sure to be a good one. What are some things you are most looking forward to?


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