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21 Days In…

August 12, 2017

As of yesterday I am 21 days in with #Grateful100 on my Instagram account. Some days it is more automatic to have something to post. Other days it is an afterthought right before I go to bed. One or two days I have posted it the next day because I forgot to the previous day. I am overall more aware and more grateful for things. Over the summer at the Cape a lot of my posts are quiet moments because it does get loud and overwhelming here (more often than not). Some of my posts are out of the house because I need that physical break to regroup. Either way, I am more aware than I was before about how moments are making me feel. Hooray for mindfulness!

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end very soon. I am not even halfway there with my #Grateful100. I am slated to finish on October 27th. Right now that feels very far away but I have a feeling it will fly by. Life has a way of doing that…Until I get there, stay updated with my Instagram and look for some of my favorite posts when I hit 25 days.

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