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#100happydays 1-10

July 1, 2014

After ten days of doing #100HappyDays, I definitely feel happier.  Given everything that has been going on in Israel the past few weeks, happiness only helps. When I started getting more skilled at photography I would see things through a lens. #100HappyDays has been a weird extension of that with my IPhone camera. As I wrote in my blog post yesterday, I will be posting my most recent pictures every ten days. Here are my first ten. Follow them more regularly and other pictures of my summer adventures I post at my Instagram account!

Day 1: Salad with grilled strawberries and pecans. This summer I discovered I do much better with lighter dinners. Our experimentation with  different types have been quite delicious. This was a perfect summer salad. 


Day 2: A view of the water from the boat. We have become big boaters in the past year. I love the excursions we take and the views are usually really awesome. 


Day 3: Michaels Scrapbooking Aisle. I love scrapbooking. Like, I am absolutely in love with it. I am finally getting around to making an epic travel scrapbook and obviously a trip to Michaels was necessary. IMG_1137

Day 4: Tea and a book. With all the activity I do, it is nice to just sit back and relax sometimes. In the evenings the light is really beautiful. Chris Bohjalian’s book “The Light in the Ruins” with a cup of tea was a perfect end to my day. 


Day 5: Taza Chocolate. I LOVE chocolate. I might be a little too obsessed. When we got a shipment I was excited for obvious (and good) reasons. A) It’s kosher. B) It’s gluten free. C) It’s absolutely delicious. 


Day 6: Trampoline snapshot. Everyone deserves a chance to revert back to childhood for a few minutes every day. When we got our trampoline installed it was obviously a  photo op. 


Day 7: The tennis court. This is where I spend the most of my day. When it is perfect weather I am in heaven. I feel at home on the court at this point. Absolutely nothing could sour my mood when I am out there. 


Day 8: My nieces and nephew. I love being an aunt. It’s a bonus that I have some really adorable nieces and nephews. When they match though, it’s just too much cuteness. 


Day 9: My niece. Like I said, I love my nieces and nephews to death. 

IMG_1172Day 9: The sunset. It was too beautiful to not take a picture of and it put me in a calm place. I felt two pictures for today were necessary. 


Day 10: Taza Chocolate (vanilla flavored). Chocolate is a vice of mine. A delicious vice.  IMG_1179

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