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Blogging Haitus Return Take 3

May 16, 2015

Life is a tough thing to balance. Between my three different leadership experiences and student teaching in a first grade classroom all in one semester, I have been very busy. So busy I seriously neglected my blog. Now that school is over and graduation is tomorrow I can revisit something else I do care about: this site. I made all the necessary updates, sorted through over 1,000 comments (all spam) and started drafting new posts.

I am turning over a new leaf, or I guess you can say refocusing my energy. I have spent more hours binging on Grey’s Anatomy than I would care to admit. Yes, I am up to date and yes I have many feelings about it. All I can say to Shonda is thank you for breaking a lot of hearts. I need to take a break from staring at a screen and begin interacting with it. Basically: I need to start blogging again.

Life has been all about transitions recently. Some I am definitely feeling ready for and some I’d like to think I am ready for. Realistically, I am probably not actually ready for some of them. The idea of finding a place for everything makes me extremely anxious. The idea of moving out fully on Monday is oddly calming and acceptable. There is something nice about having all of my things moved out before my lease ends.

My life has been all about resumes, cover letters, emails and job contacts. While I wait to hear back from other places I applied to I send follow up emails on the daily and make phone calls regularly now. I would like to think I mastered phone interviews, the art of emails to potential employers and organizing everything so I don’t lose my mind. Graduation is a day away and I am more then ready to start the next chapter in my life. Here is to more blog posts, memories and experiences as a real life adult.


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