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July 13, 2015

This past weekend my Dad and I took a weekend getaway to Richmond, Virginia. We went on a mission: to pick up my 8 week old Havapoo puppy I bought. Now, we are back in Cape Cod and he is adjusting swimmingly while I am being thrown into the deep end of being a puppy mama.

Let me say that he is ridiculously cute. So cute that the lack of sleep I got last night was entirely worth it for how adorable he is the rest of the time. I also know it will only get easier from here and last night really could have been much worse. He passed out at about 8 PM and when I say passed out, I mean got into the crate, lay down and was down for the night (until 12:30 at least). After 3:30 neither of us got a lot of sleep but he is making up for his lack of sleep now – I am probably going to aim to get to bed at a decent hour (8 PM).

He is being an epic distraction for everyone right now and it will only get worse once the weekend comes since there will be so many more people and more kids who will want to play with him. I need to get him on some sort of schedule or get one written down so people know when not to bug him. He sleeps through a lot. I don’t know if that is a puppy thing or the breed he is.

Being a dog mama is just as awesome as I pictured it though. I always wanted an animal who is dying to snuggle with me on every possible occasion and this dog is just that. He is so snuggly, friendly and I could not have asked for a better dog. He is also really responsive to commands, which is quite awesome at such a young age. Things are looking up from here (fingers crossed). After days of re-thinking and hours of throwing names around on the journey back home, we are glad to welcome Teddy to the family.


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