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#100HappyDays 61-70

September 7, 2014

I have been terrible about keeping up with these posts. It has been 20 very busy days for me so it is for good reason but I do feel like I should post the recaps so I keep it up! Playing catch-up on my blog posts has been tough.

Day 61: Brandeis. It was my first day back and campus looked really beautiful. This view of the Science Center is actually really beautiful and one of my favorites.

Day 62: Camp Harrington. We went to Camp Harrington in MA for a board bonding day and it was absolutely gorgeous. We ate lunch by the lake so while we waited for the food to get back from the fridge a handful of us sat on the dock and enjoyed the view.

Day 63: Gym Morning. Board trainings started at 9 AM so I had to get to the gym early. I decided to walk there instead of drive so I get extra exercise. It was a great workout and a really nice walk also.

Day 64: Brandeis Sign. Another day of board training meant another morning walk to campus. I love being so close that the walk to campus is enjoyable and not too long.

Day 65: Shopping Bags. I went shopping to get clothes for teaching and made out like a bandit. It was great and now I have a ton of new clothes that is acceptable to wear.

Day 66: Alex and Ani. I discovered my love for Alex and Ani bracelets. Since then I have accumulated five in total and I love them to death. All of them mean something special for me. I will totally be a charm girl for life.

Day 67: Coloring. I love coloring and sometimes some nights I just need to sit down and color. That was one of those nights.

Day 68: Organizing. I love living with other organized people. We spent the day cleaning and moving furniture which resulted in a shelf with a lot of room. We now have a great shelf to put things on and our living room looks cleaner.

Day 69: Takeout and TV. The heat has been getting to us. I couldn’t bring myself to cook so I ordered in and caught up and finished Pretty Little Liars.

Day 70: Elementary School. I went to visit the school I will be student teaching at and had the best hour. I can’t wait to be there more often and the first day there this week was great!

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