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Resolution 2018: More Books, Less Screens

January 3, 2018

Facebook is wonderful [sometimes]. At the end of 2017 a friend from college posted that she was doing the 2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge and was open to including others. Now, myself and a handful of others are on a spreadsheet together and I have already started. The premise is completing 50 books based on different criteria throughout 2018. This past year I have spent a lot of time on screens, either mindlessly browsing Facebook, playing Switch or playing a lot of solitaire on my phone. Not to mention the hours I spend watching shows on Hulu. These are habits I would like to kick.

I came across another great article today (on Facebook!) that highlights why reading more IS doable. WeAreTeachers have their own reading challenge and if I wasn’t already doing the Popsugar one I might attempt this one also. Not to say I haven’t completely ruled out both. My goal for this year overall is be more creative: blog more, read more, and spend more time thinking about my 52Frame shots. My ultimate goal is as the title says, spend less time on screen and allocate that time for other things like reading but also creative outlets. Here’s to a more creative and less screen induced year!

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