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The Stairs of Pygros

June 7, 2014

Once we all caught up on the missed sleep from our travel day, we decided to go out and explore the area around our hotel. We are located in the village of Pygros, which is a picturesque town. However, it is quite large and steep with many steps. We had been told about castle ruins on the top. We decided to go off in search of them and started our trek up the hill. The hill was more like a mountain.

The way Pygros is organized is by a lot of narrow walkways, which turned out to be their streets, with villas of different colors lining them. The only way to get through these streets is on a mule. We found two of them grazing throughout our travels. It was a little more complicated than I think we had anticipated when starting out. There are no street signs, probably because these aren’t actual streets, they don’t show up on our phone GPS, and there aren’t signs for these castle ruins. Who wouldn’t put signs for that? They really should because we passed multiple groups of people who looked as hopelessly lost as we did.

These so called streets, or as I would prefer, alleys, have no sense of direction or order. We passed splits at least five times and ended up back at the same split 25 minutes later. Each time we went a different way the view and buildings were different. Don’t get me wrong, the walk was really beautiful and getting hopelessly lost wasn’t so scary for someone with no sense of direction since we usually ended up back where we came from. Hooray for concentric circles!

At one point in our search for these cool castle ruins, I came upon a set of stairs which seemed to lead up to a dilapidated set of buildings, which almost resembled ruins. Just for the record: I am so thankful I am in as good shape as I am and beyond proud of my parents, especially my mom. We climbed so many stairs today. It was exhausting but a great workout. She did sit out my cool discovery, which involved climbing up a set of nonexistent stone stairs and climbing over a lot of bramble. I think I might have hit the top of the castle. Honestly, I don’t think I will ever know but whatever I discovered was beautiful.

Finding our way back down to the main square was not so easy either. The whole disorganized walkway issue made it difficult to figure out how to get there. We finally found it after passing multiple tourist shops with cute souvenirs and beautiful buildings with bright colors. When we were looking up at the mountain from below, we saw multiple churches with blue domes and crosses. For all we know we could have been passing different ones the entire time. Pygros, you might want to talk to Boston and figure out a way to organize your streets. It will make people’s lives easier.


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