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#100HappyDays 21-30

July 25, 2014

It has been a stressful and disheartening few days as the news from Israel has been pouring in on my Facebook feed. I have stuck with the #100HappyDays challenge because I do believe that finding those moments is helpful for me throughout this very sad and scary time. Here is a recap of the last 10 days! Follow me at my Instagram page to get a daily update on my #100HappyDays adventure!

Day 21: Dressing down. While I don’t really “dress up” here, I do usually wear tight workout clothes or denim shorts. Getting into my favorite pair of sweats and a simple tee made my day.


Day 22: My niece is not always one for snugling, but when she’s in the mood, she will snuggle for hours. That is exactly what happened on Saturday and it was fantastic.


Day 23: My Sunday mornings have become tennis mornings so having time in the afternoon to settle down with a book in the sun is the best way for me to decompress and get some “me” time. It was a nice bonus that the book was really wonderful.


Day 24: A theme this past ten days has been comforting moments, comfortable things and a lot of my pictures have been taken at night. I have fallen in love with tea the past few months and Yogi always has some really inspirational message on their tea bag. “Love, compassion and kindness are the anchors of life” was one of my favorite ones I’ve seen in a while.


Day 25: I did a blog redesign last weekend. After a few technical hiccups I was able to post on it, and there have been changes since this picture, but I already love the new page. I will probably be posting about the redesign soon!


Day 26: I have been obsessed with The Big Bang Theory this summer. Obsessed. I have fallen behind in a lot of shows because of it but I have no problem with that. It is hysterical and has been a lot of my high points for these past ten days.


Day 27: Rain at the Cape is always a little depressing because there isn’t much to do when the weather is bad. However, when the sun comes out and delivers a really beautiful sunset, that is definitely a reason to smile.


Day 28: The stadium court. This is where I play most of the time and spending an hour and a half on the court in the morning is not a bad way to spend my summer mornings.


Day 29: My bed. It had been a very long day. Getting into bed was kind of really wonderful.


Day 30: Big Bang Theory. I am very obsessed. It has been all I’ve been watching before bed. It might be a problem that I am up to season 4 already.


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