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My New Adult Life: Welcome To The Real World

August 11, 2015

It just hit me today: I am becoming a real adult in a few weeks. I have been in a blissful state this summer. I haven’t had anything to worry about, been able to spend time in the sun, read casually, and exercise nonstop. This week I received my work email address and my faculty week schedule. Don’t I sound so grown up? My teaching career will be starting soon and I am realizing why teachers don’t work such simple hours. The number of hours we have in meetings, introductions to the school and more is overwhelming right now.

I am very excited to start and I am actually looking forward to those team meetings and getting started. I have no clue how I functioned in college. I looked back at my schedule from first semester and I got overwhelmed all over again. I am so looking forward to a more regular schedule. I thought those four days of meetings were long. I was very wrong about that when I saw my first semester schedule. THAT was a long week.

The one thing I need to sort out before I feel like I can start my new adult life is my planner. What am I using? Should I use a teacher plan book alone or get a planner and a teacher plan book? All these questions keep running through my head and I am stuck in the middle of them. This seems like a minuscule and totally unnecessary thing to obsess over but I need organization in my life. Until I sort that out my new adult life doesn’t seem real.

I am also going to need a new adult wardrobe. The dress code at the school I will be working at aside, I have a feeling leggings and yoga pants won’t cut it anymore as clothing. It might be acceptable for a coffee run on a weekend or taking my dog out for a walk but any other time I should probably look put together. Welcome to the real world: where you can’t wear sweats, messy buns and put obligations to the side.

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