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A Crohn’s Adventure

September 24, 2016

A few months back I was diagnosed with Crohns. Crohns is an autoimmune disease that attacks the gut and causes all sorts of stomach issues and digestive problems. There is a lot more to the disease but this is the gist of it. These symptoms have been my life since February and I think I’ve been handling it like a champ. Between the colonoscopy and the crazy amount of stomach pain I’ve had life hasn’t been easy. Up until this summer when we visited Lenox and went to The UltraWellness Center every time I ate my stomach did not agree with me.

Multiple blood drawings, conversations with doctors and nurses, a new nutritionist, a new eating plan and symptoms still popping up has shown me just how much autoimmune diseases take over your life. I am no longer eating eggs, drinking coffee, I have 40 foods I am sensitive to and eating 90% less fruit than I normally do. It has been a big shift. My new diet plan is a low fodmap diet so even vegetables with high fructose levels and certain fruits are a no-no. I can only drink Gin or Vodka but any alcohol makes my stomach slightly uneasy still.

My life in terms of eating has been flipped on it’s head. I have been feeling better than I was before all these changes but with work starting up again my symptoms have been nagging me the past few weeks. Clearly medication is the next step. Now to wait a week and half until I see my doctor. The fact that I might never drink coffee again is a little upsetting but I know it is most likely for the best. I don’t really miss eggs all that much and there are certain fruits I really miss. Moral of my story for me is when it comes to adjusting for your health, it will always be worth it, especially when its a disease that can take over in a big way.

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