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7 Days Until Showtime

March 18, 2014

It’s finally here, the last home stretch before the show. These next seven days are the most critical ones: we need to get the minor but key supplies so the show can run smoothly.  We need to pick up duct tape so we don’t wreck the carpets, we need to pick up acrylic paint to have in addition to the latex paint, we need to get brushes so the models can actually be painted and we need to finalize everything.

The good news is, that tickets have already been sold, posters are up all over campus, our Facebook promoting has exploded, our volunteers are starting to come in by droves and my A-team is cranking out the things that need to be done. I have gone from not at all anxious, to a stressful mess, to a tired, nonfunctional human in the span of three weeks. That tired nonfunctional human is making it very difficult for me.

The fact that I was ready to crash at 8:30 last night means I need sleep. My schedule has thankfully lightened up so I have a lot of free time but if the next few days are going to be anything like yesterday, Latex will eat that up. In the two hours between my classes yesterday, instead of doing homework, I met with one of the board members, put up posters and made more lists of things to get done.

I finally started this morning off right: I was productive. With the show eating up so much free time I need to prep homework for Sunday today, when I have hours without commitments, because Sunday is our first un-dress rehearsal. Sunday starts the longest three days of my life. I have hit the phase of excitement. Maybe it’s because so much has started to fall into place over the span of one day, or maybe because for the first time in almost a week, I got sleep.

Regardless of what has caused this inner shift in me, I am no longer stressing out, on the verge of screaming at everyone, and am actually genuinely excited for next week. My mom and two older sisters are coming to the show, my piece is really coming together, and little details are getting finished. As of now, life is good.

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