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August 15, 2014

Happy Friday! I know I’ve been saying this a lot but I can’t believe I go back to school on Monday. I don’t know where summer has gone but Monday is going to be so hard. Goodbyes are terrible. This week was a lot of fun posts I loved so I added a bunch. They are all still back-to-school related and it’s wonderful. It makes me excited for school even though it will be a sad day when I leave. Props to all of these amazing writers on their back-to-school advice.


From Empire Styles:

This gives me such good ideas for ways to organize my new organizer I ordered from Lilly! I am so excited to use it and I love the idea of color coordinating everything.

From Inkspot:

This guest post from Wandering Forevermore is fabulous. Her goals for this year are inspiring and amazing ones. I love the idea of planning out your week on Sunday, I would totally be open to trying that.


From A Dash of South:

This is an amazing routine. I love how easy it is and gives me a lot of ideas for a new make up routine starting this coming semester. I am ready to test this out! I need something short and sweet because I like wearing makeup but I honestly don’t have the time to do a lot in the morning.


From A Dash of South:

Yes. Yes, yes and yes again. These are all amazing tips and I love her tip about doing something you love. That is one of the reasons I play tennis and I love doing it. It is just a nice bonus that I get great exercise when doing it.


From Preppy Little Lesbian:

This post is so real. I remember being nervous before starting school and all the fears she lists are totally real. I was definitely afraid of some if not all of these but I overcame them and if you have similar ones, so will you! College is a wicked fun adventure, enjoy it!

From Alyssa and Freitas:

I’ve seen a lot of packing guides on the HCBN board. This one is spot on and very practical. Packing for college is impossible. I think I still have extra stuff from freshman year I don’t need and haven’t used once. Excited college student problems, am I right?

From October June:

I love this post. What she carries with her seems so basic but they are always things I forget in my own bag. There were also a lot of things I just didn’t think of. Bringing a book to read in between seems wishful but maybe if I try it I might actually read non-school books.

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