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#100HappyDays 51-60

August 19, 2014

It’s a little hard to believe by the time I get to 60 days of photos I will be back in Waltham. Summer has honestly flown by and it is very sad to see it go. I am so excited to be back with my friends and all the excitement of preparing with my Hillel board members but I will most definitely miss the Cape. Due to space capacity on my blog I won’t be posting all the images like I have been, but follow them on my Instagram account. The link is on the top of my page! Here is to a serious change in scenery and another ten days of happiness!

Day 51: Big Bang Theory. On long days I forget to Instagram and I remember just as I settle into my happy place: Big Bang Theory in bed. It is the best way to end the day.

Day 52: Sunset Cruise. We went out on a sunset cruise with my cousins from New Jersey and it was gorgeous. This shot was my absolute favorite from the bunch.

Day 53: Sunrise Cruise. Last summer my parents did a sunrise cruise and I skipped it. This year, I asked for it. The night before we had seen the sun set and the super moon rise. The next morning we watched the super moon set and a absolutely amazing sunrise.

Day 54: Bracelets. I have wanted an Alex and Ani bracelet since one of my friends got really into them. I think they are pretty and I love charm bracelets. For a while they were not at all comfortable. Suddenly, they are and I am obsessed. This one I love dearly because it’s tennis and it’s the first one.

Day 55: Reunited. My friend who had been abroad since February texted me. We will be living together and this is the first time we will have seen each other since she left months ago. It will be so exciting and it will make leaving the Cape a lot easier.

Day 56: Bowling. I went out with my tennis coaches before I left for the summer and we ended up at a bowling alley. It was a lot of fun even though I am terrible at it. Seeing them off the courts was a fun experience and I am really glad we got to do dinner before I left. I am not such a fan of the constant reminder that I am leaving though.

Day 57: My website. I am working on my blog before bed because this was the first silent moment of the day. Between the tournament I played in this morning and helping cook for dinner it was a little hectic. Now I have time to breath and write.

Day 58: Game night. It’s been a long emotional weekend. I hate goodbyes and leaving for the summer has been really tough on me. A game of Telestratrations was the thing I needed to put me in a better mood.

Day 59: Willowbend. I was there for a lesson and the beauty of the club never fails to amaze me. I can also totally hide there all year and not go back to school. I really don’t want to say goodbye just yet and it is going to kill me when I do.

Day 60: My bedroom in Waltham. I am finally back in Waltham. Moving back in and organizing took a longer time than I had expected but it is finally finished and I am starting training for Hillel board tonight.


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