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Shabbat In Israel

May 31, 2014

Being in Israel for Shabbat, the day of rest is always an interesting experience. Jerusalem, which has been full of cars and noise the past few days, has practically shut down. I could see one or two cars outside my hotel room window but for the most part it’s very quiet and serene. Walking back through Jerusalem from dinner last night was really beautiful.

The city had a sense of calmness and while it was still warm, a balmy 80 degrees, it was a nice walk with great conversation. Being in Israel has brought a lot of different reunions with old family friends and some more recent friends of my parents. It has been nice not being with my parents exclusively because the people we usually meet up with have really interesting stories and the conversation is always engaging.

Today was warm and there were expected dust storms in Jerusalem. Today was an indoor day.  We might be exhausting our indoor days since the temperatures have been a little unbearable since we’ve been here. I’m starting to feel like Goldilocks, London was too cold and Israel is too hot. I’m really hoping Greece will be just right.

Being in the hotel has been so relaxing.  It would definitely have been a lot more stressful and less pleasant being in a house.  It has been really nice being back at the same hotel with the same staff, who just look older but have not changed in all the years we’ve been coming to the Inbal, and the same rooms, which also, for the record, look identical. It’s basically like we were coming home. Who could have asked for more?

There is talk about leaving earlier if the temperatures stay this hot. I guess those plans are to be determined at a later date after examining the weather.  For now, I will enjoy being here and spending quality time with my parents because once we get back it becomes a big, rowdy happy family again.

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