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Scrivener As A Blogging Tool

June 10, 2014

I started using Microsoft Word in sixth grade when I started getting serious research papers. I would write my research on index cards, outline the paper on Word and then write it. I stuck with Word through high school and through college. I have multiple folders with Word Documents dating back to high school, maybe even earlier. My mom, however, has been a huge fan of Scrivener since I can remember. She uses it for NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, notes on lectures she listens to, for her course she took on eating psychology and to organize materials for her website and blog. She has been encouraging me to try it and insisting I would love it.

I kept going back to Word, a program I was familiar with and had mastered to the point that I liked using it. Yes, I like using Word. While we were chatting over a meal this vacation, I mentioned that I keep all my posts in one Word document and work on them there. It was a system that was working and I really enjoyed it. She insisted again, after months of saying nothing, to try Scrivener.

Finally, yesterday, while spending our day relaxing on the porch of our room I installed it on my MacBook Air. It just shows you how much I actually use it if I didn’t move it over when I got my new computer months ago. Now that I am using it, I actually regret not listening to my mom earlier . I already feel slightly more organized about what I have going on and can sort through my posts. I don’t need to scroll through pages and pages of posts to see if there is one I haven’t posted yet. I can put my ideas in one section, unpublished posts or drafts in another and then published posts in another with the date.

I can have pages with things that go into each post, pages to make note of the individual pages on my blog, just making these lists of what this wonderful application can do makes me giddy. I don’t know why I didn’t listen to her earlier. I am writing my blog posts in Scrivener now and I am excited to learn all about it’s capacities it has. I might even organize my pieces of writing into Scrivener posts over the summer and work on getting rid of some files on my computer. I might even start writing more once I learn how to use this application to it’s fullest as a writing tool.

For now, I am going to milk it for all it’s worth with my blog posts. I am so excited about it I wanted to share it with the world and tell everyone about it’s usefulness. I also might be very behind on the times and one of the last people to know this, if that is the case, I am just glad I discovered it. A+ Scivener, you made a great application.


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