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August 1, 2014

Happy August 1st! I can’t believe it is already August! I am going back to school in 17 days and it doesn’t really seem real yet. I can’t wait to make the best of the next few weeks I have at the Cape but all these back to school pins on the HCBN board makes me excited to start my senior year. What were some of your favorites from this huge list?


From Lean Clean and Brie:

I would have been so thankful for this list a year ago. Now that I am going into my second year off campus in an apartment I scanned this list and there were things I already have and might want to seriously consider getting. An apple slicer is genius! I highly suggest this list for anyone who is just starting out with a kitchen and low budget!

From College is Love:

Amen. Taking notes still stumps me sometimes in classes and her advice is wonderful. I keep trying new study skills for every class I take. This list is amazing and her advice is gold. Listen to her collegiates!

From College is Love:

I love this series already! This would have been a game changer for me if I saw this post three years ago. The hardest part about your freshman year is getting involved in a way that works for you. I didn’t feel at home in a club until my sophomore year and it was a totally out of the box wacky one. Google Liquid Latex and you will understand what I mean.


From My Newest Addiction:

I am loving all the back to school posts. This one is beyond useful for me and I am planning on looking into this immediately. I need new brushes after going through my makeup and this set looks perfect for me.

Health and Fitness: 

From Strength and Sunshine:

This recipe looks delish! I am very excited to try this as a way to get extra protein. I might make adjustments but hers is a great starting off point.

Random Ones I Loved:

From All Shook Up:

I will probably need a decent planner aside from my iCal this coming school year and I love all five of these. Research will be done on each of these before school starts!




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