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September 12, 2014

It has been another long and busy week! I am definitely ready for the weekend so I can relax (mostly homework free) and have some quality “me” time and time with my parents. I will probably be going into Boston for some part of Saturday which is something I always love doing. This week I actually got a real written post out and I almost let this week’s Pinterest one go for the sake of a nap but I love these posts too much.


Champagne and City Lights

I love school supplies. I always have as a kid and still do. The Lilly agenda has saved my life (and all the colored pens I use along with it)! These things look so preppy and adorable I honestly want them all.

Alyssa and Freitas

I am so jealous of all these bloggers who can actually make their scheduling work. I have tried this and I still manage to get to Friday with no posts on my site or written. It is starting to become a slight problem and I would like to make it work. I have so much I can blog about now…

 Literally, Darling:

Just. Wow. This piece is so moving, emotional and wonderful. I have been avoiding reading 9/11 posts for the sole reason of not getting too emotional. The way she deals with it is amazing and I wish I can still deal with it in such a way that doesn’t make me a blubbering teenage girl again. (I was in third grade when it happened but when I cry now I feel like a teenager still.)


 My Newest Addiction:

Now that I have resolved my makeup solution for all the time, I need to resolve it for when I travel. This bag looks amazing. I love the functionality of it and the pocket on the side is ingenious. I like that it is black because it is simple and plain. I am all for colors and pop but at this point too much is a little juvenile.

Health and Fitness:

Coffee Beans and High Heels:

Her idea of making a list is awesome. These goals are also really great goals, especially for someone in college because eating healthy is very difficult. I totally understand her on the pickiness and texture thing. Why do foods need to have textures to them?

My Life As Hayden

This post is amazing. Suicide is so sad and no one should every feel like they are alone in the world. Someone is always in need of human compassion at some point so be the person who gives it.


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