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September 19, 2014

Happy TGIF! I apologize for my lack of posting this week, my life has gotten very busy and I still have yet to sort out how to balance blogging into all of it. It will happen, I promise. It is always interesting checking back into Pinterest and seeing the new trend with the bloggers in the network. I always understand them but it is just a fun observation to make. A fun fact about me: I love observing people and people watching. It is why I sit in the window of coffee shops. Check out my picks for this week of Pins I loved!


From College Is Love:

This post is great. I am having serious issues keeping up with my blog in between everything else I am doing. I am managing to get everything else done though. I am going to take some of her advice and hope it works.

From Crumbs and Curls:

All of these things are so awesome! I agree 100% on the jeans and the agenda, it is my life right now. Making a list of the things you just can’t live without is great. It can say a lot about who that person is and what they really love.

From The London Proper:

I am with her on this one, I cannot wait for the new phone to be reviewed so I know whether or not to switch over to it. I love my 5S but there is something somewhat appealing about the 6. Her tips for cleaning out our phones are gold. I really need to do that now and I’m not even switching over to IOS8 just yet or getting a new phone.

Fitness and Health

From The Style Worthy:

These workouts are great and very low key. Getting workouts like this in your back pocket will make you healthier and happier in your everyday life. This will save you that trek to the campus gym and most seem to be able to be done in your own room!


From Strength and Sunshine:

This recipe makes me seriously wish I liked Pumpkin more than I do now. These pancakes look amazing and I can actually eat them! This is not a sarcastic comment, I can’t eat much anymore with intolerances for dairy, gluten and soy.


From Bowtiful Life:

I love this outfit. I can see it dressed up or dressed down and it is a great option to wear for student teaching. The scarf with the simple top and bottom is a perfect combo.


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