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And So It Begins…

February 27, 2014

In approximately 24 days, the 2014 Liquid Latex show will be hitting the stage for one night only. This has been my baby.  I started thinking about it last year and have not stopped.  Now, we are starting to sprint.  With less than a month left, the board’s list of things to do has grown drastically.

Tonight was the first night of drop-in’s.  This starts my favorite and most rewarding part of the process. We get to see a preview of what the amazingly talented students have put together. We get to talk to them, get the backstory for the piece and we start organizing the show. The end result becomes very real.

There is something about being at the core of the process and being part of the group that made it happen that will make it all the more rewarding after the fact. I feel so honored to have been a part of an amazing student board and being able to work with so many talented students. It has been an experience I would never trade in.

I’m betting on the fact that many more of my posts will be talking about this.  There is something about this experience that makes it worth mentioning. I have learned so much going through this process as a club leader and I owe the lessons and experiences I have had to the people I have been fortunate enough to work with. So, with that, I want to say a huge thank you in advance and I know we will put on a fantastic show.

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