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Carry-On Only

May 21, 2014

When we planned this trip, my parents gave me one parameter: we are only bringing carry-on luggage. This meant, I needed three and a half weeks of clothes to fit into a small carry-on bag. I thought they were nuts. I love my parents, but three and a half weeks of clothes? I honestly thought it would be impossible. Forget the fact that it leaves no room for clothes I buy in any of these places, but I have too many clothes I like to travel with.

Now that we have arrived and I have a small carry on reasonably packed with what should be enough clothes for our trip, I am impressed. It helps that we are staying at a family friend’s house in Israel so they should have a washing machine. I’m bringing clothes I can re-wear again and again. It’s also pretty convenient that it’s warmer weather in all three places so I can manage with shorts and tank tops.

The fact that I have already went one day and didn’t find anything I missed or really wanted makes me think travelling with only carry on might not be a major struggle. I don’t know if I’d be able to do it when we go places where it’s cooler, but this would definitely be doable for our next trip to Puerto Rico. Honestly, I’m not minding the lack of clothes. It will make it easier to decide what to wear every day, that is for sure. Maybe this carry-on only thing won’t be so bad after all.

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