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Weekly Recap: Printer Falls, MTEL, Pats Oh MY!

February 4, 2017

This was one of those “get as much done as possible but make sure it’s the highest priority work”. Blogging fell to the wayside and my photo for 52Frames was taken today. I have been submitting them late but it’s okay because I am still getting them in on time. I did manage to get all my work done this week which was the important thing. I did miss a deadline but now it won’t happen again because it is on my calendar for every week.

This week had:

  • A very busy Her Campus week because it’s that time of month where I get some added obligations.
  • A lot of reading about teaching reading. A lot. Hello graduate school.
  • MTEL studying – every day. I need to re-take it and am now doing a bit a day.
  • TWO new printers. The first new one might have fallen when unpacking so we had to order a replacement. Hooray for warranties. Thank god for my dad’s help with the first one and help getting the second one in place (without it breaking)
  • Patriot spirit day at work. In preparation for the SBLI we had spirit day and our kids were completely in the mood. It was a blast plus I and some second and third graders were featured on the school Instagram account!

Hopefully next week brings a SB win! Fingers crossed and GO PATS!

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