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Tasty Tuesday: Pinterest Inspired

January 31, 2017

It’s been one of those weeks where I stick to basics or not so great for me foods. I need to figure out how to incorporate cooking into my weekly plan (next week’s goal anybody?). This week I am turning to Pinterest and posting a recipe I am dying to make. It’s one I need a nice snowy day for when we have off. How is it February 1st tomorrow and we haven’t had one snow day yet?? It’s time mother nature…

I LOVE cinnamon buns. They have to be my all time favorite thing and if I were to ever stray from my gluten free lifestyle (and feel very sick after) it would be for a cinnamon bun. Fortunately, all things are good in this world and I found this yummy looking recipe I need to try. It would take some prepping on my part (that requires food shopping – also something I need to reintroduce. Hello being an adult.). Regardless, this is pinned on my foods to try and high on my list of snow day (cough cough mother nature) treats to make.

Check out the recipe here and if you happen to try it before I do (trust me, it will make it into my Tasty Tuesday posts) let me know how it is! Sidenote: my inner monologue comes out when I blog at the end of a long day. My apologies for spewing. Blame my 7 PM graduate school class.

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