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Weekly Pinterest Loves 11/29/15

November 29, 2015

I started this series back when I was still part of the Her Campus Blogger’s Network. Then my life took over and I could not keep up with my blog on a regular occasion. A co-worker at the school I teach at blogs regularly and she has been my secret inspiration the past few weeks. Check out her blog here for her awesome posts and photography. You will see why she is my inspiration for blogging. I have a new goal in life (now that my NaNoWriMo goal fell to shreds midway through the month): get back to blogging and re-discover my love for it. Step one was getting a post up and sharing it. Check. Sidenote: follow me at Emily’s Life Lesson’s on Facebook for regular updates (not that I am actually blogging regularly). Step two is going back to series I loved. This was a big one.

I don’t have the network of the HCBN now on Pinterest but I have quite a big network of choices between my teaching posts, recipes and other random ones. Here is the revitalization of this series! These were some Pins I Loved in these five different categories for this week. Check back for next week to see new ones. If you have other pins you loved feel free to comment and add them!

Food: These muffins from Cook Eat Paleo look AMAZING. Now that I finished my second  Whole30 (a few days early I will admit) I can start to look into yummy things I can bake. As the weather gets cooler, nothing cheers me up like baked goods. I can’t wait to try these! Cranberries is one of those foods I always thought I disliked as a kid but now as an adult it turns out they are delicious. That may be the story of my life.

Teaching: These Work On Writing Folders are such a cute idea! I love these for any grade (I can think of a few of the kids I teach now who would love these reminders constantly available). The fact that this teacher does Daily 5 gives me happy feelings and it is something I miss. The time constraints just don’t allow for it where I am now. Even so, these writing folders with resources would be a great addition and something I am seriously considering for my future classroom. Thank you Priscilla from Teacherific in 2nd Grade with Mrs. Conception!

Pets: Now that I have a puppy, who is the topic of many conversations, this article was a gold mine. He loves his kong toy but I certainly have not been utilizing it in the way most dog owners suggest. As the weather gets cooler I am definitely going to start trying these Kong recipes to keep him busy during the day when it gets cold out and we can’t go on long walks outside. It is cheaper than buying a puppy treadmill. I am excited to experiment with these. Thanks Canine Mind!

DIY: So, I broke the rule a bit here with this one. I did not see a pin on this but it is totally worth mentioning as a DIY. Beyond Her Blush is a DIY makeup box that uses celebrities as an inspiration every month. I have yet to try it but so far the reviews have been only positive and it is on my list of things to try. I love these DIY boxes in general and a box for makeup is super tempting. Credit to my cousin for this awesome business venture. Make sure to follow their social media sites and check it out with me next month!

One for Good Luck: These look TO DIE FOR. I know I said the muffins I posted above looked amazing. These also look so yummy. It might just be the photography skills here but these brownies look almost like they are made with flour and butter and all the things I can’t eat anymore. Thank you The Big Man’s World for making me so excited for the cold weather. Brownies and cocoa might be just as good as cookies and milk.

Did I miss any good links you loved? Check back next week for new favorites from the week!

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