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On Vacation, Be Back Later

February 13, 2014

It is FINALLY break! I am more relieved than ever to be home, and arriving at 12:15 AM last night was well worth it. After stressing about the oncoming snowstorm, my friend and I decided we were leaving, whether or not we have classes. She had a flight to catch and the thought of getting stuck in Waltham was less than desirable. Now, I am writing this in front of a roaring fireplace and am reliving moments from my childhood. Settled in for the duration of my vacation, I can enjoy the snow.

I have big plans for this vacation, the main one: relaxing, and among that, try and get ahead on some work, and look forward to celebrating my 21st birthday. I have embraced not having school on my birthday. I never have, except for that one year in high school when they decided to change our vacation week.  There is something, especially now that I am in college and turning 21, which makes me wish I had school. Celebrating with my friends would be easier and I wouldn’t have to celebrate after my actual date.  Don’t get me wrong; I have some pretty fantastic friends who want to celebrate with me after vacation.  My roommate and one of my best friends gave me presents early.  There is still a part of me that wishes we had school.

I think (and I hope) I packed everything I need for this vacation.  I have my camera so I can work on portrait shots for my photography class and because it’s going to be wicked beautiful here. I’m trying to figure out if I am gutsy enough to go out while it’s snowing, because a part of me really wants to. I forgot a review book for my MTEL I have to retake in a few weeks but that is the beauty of the Internet.

I know I have friends who will not be thinking about work at all over break, but that isn’t how I function.  I need to get ahead and reduce the amount of work I have later.  It’s something I’ve always been good at and something that is probably never going to change. It keeps me calmer and ahead of things, I don’t see this as a bad thing so why fix something that isn’t broken?

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