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Pins I Loved: Week of 12/27/15

January 1, 2016

It is winter break which means I should have almost no excuse to not be catching up with my blog. I should have almost no excuse, key word: almost. I keep finding new things to distract me, and while I am productive I should be blogging too. Here is to a happy and healthy new year. My next Pins I Loved week will be in 2016. That seems crazy to me. Time seriously flies.


These look AMAZING. Now, my question is how do I make them Paleo/Non-Dairy/Gluten Free friendly…? The First Year, you are onto something good!

TeachingTips for the Classroom That Really Work

So. Many. Good. Ideas. I love the emergency kit she keeps outside of the classroom! She is also completely on point with those moments when you don’t have the one thing you need (and how quickly white board markers run out or disappear!) Thanks Controlling My Chaos for these awesome tips! Totally taking notes over here!

Pets: Why Does My Dog Go Crazy After a Bath

Story of my life. This explains so much about why Teddy acts like a nut after every bath. Note to self: keep doing what I’m doing post-bath. Thanks iHeartDogs!

DIY: My 2013 Instagram Book by Artifact

I LOVE this idea! Yes, her blog post is old but the idea of making an Instagram book is super cute! It is such a clever way to cap off a year in Instagram posts! ASortaFairytaleBlog has such a good idea and I am so excited to try the link she posted!

One for Good Luck: How to Be More Productive Every Day

This post was super helpful and I think I needed some of these tips (and the new game suggestion) so I stay on top of things. I especially love the idea of a top 5 thing to do every day. Once work starts on Monday this will be my new plan! Thanks Play Party Pin!

Were there any posts you loved this week I missed?

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