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One Semester Down, 5 To Go

December 20, 2015

I am done with my first semester of graduate school. I might have bit off more than I can chew. After experiencing life as an assistant teacher and a student, it certainly was overwhelming at points. I know it was a lot because I am relived I am finished for the semester. It has been such a blessing to work in a school where the staff understands my situation. They know I might miss a meeting for class. Being an assistant allows me to take a step back when I can’t manage work and school but also take on more when I can.

I have to admit: I am grateful I did not take time off in between Brandeis and graduate school. I would have such a hard time writing papers if it had been two or three years since I graduated. Now, even though the APA format is a huge learning curve, I feel capable and less overwhelmed when I am assigned a paper. It is a great feeling to be done with three of my classes already.  I am done with Lesley classes just before school gets out and I can fully enjoy winter break.

For some bizarre reason my class next semester starts at the end of January so I have a while before I have any work to do for it. I don’t understand why but I am not complaining. I obsessively keep checking to make sure I don’t have my dates wrong. I have never been great with numbers and missing the first few classes would be a colossal mistake on my part. A mistake I would really like to avoid. While my plans for winter break are not finalized just yet, I know sleep and revamping my wardrobe are on the docket. A friend from work and I are going to plan adventures around Boston so stay tuned for details on that as those develop.

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