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Pins I Loved: Week of 12/13/15

December 19, 2015

I promised I would keep this regular but yet again life got in the way! My first semester of graduate school is ending in a few days and school vacation starts on Wednesday. Life has been just a bit chaotic for me. I am starting to have more opportunities to teach lessons in my classroom so I am also busy with that. The first time I was able to spend browsing Pinterest this week was while I was out on sick time.

Life lesson: I cannot function on two hours of sleep. If I ever need to take my dog to the Emergency Room doctor at 2 AM again, call in sick or go in late.

While browsing I found some really great stuff. Here are my top picks from this last week.


Healthy Mug Cakes: OMG. These look DELICIOUS. Best of all, I can even eat some of these. I am always so tempted by the mug cake recipes I see on Pinterest but so many of them use flour. Some of these are even Paleo. Thank you Leelalicious for compiling these recipes and thank you to all the people who shared their recipes with her! I can’t wait to try every single one of them!


Class DoJo Rewards Poster: We use Class DoJo in the classroom as a behavior management tool also! The kids love checking their points but I always think there is something we aren’t doing when it comes to managing the Class DoJo points. These ideas from Mrs. Cain’s Creations are genius! I love the idea of trading in points.


Biggest Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make: This article brought me back to my days of obsessive research before Teddy came home. We definitely stuck with these rules and there are a lot of things that he still does need work on. For the most part he is in really good shape. Getting him over the summer was a blessing. A big mistake I made right from the start was not reading his cues well enough. If you can’t read their cues you will cause an accident in the house and it will be no one’s fault but your own. Thanks dogvills for saying it like it is!


Beginners Guide to Bullet Journals: My mom loves her bullet journal. Recently while she and I were sitting around the dining room table she was adding all sorts of fun and creative pages into hers. I tried it for a month or two. I still can’t figure out what system works best for me to stay organized other than my iCal. I would like to see the bullet journal work for me so I can also have something on paper. Technology can and sometimes does fail us and I can’t be left without any sort of schedule. I would forget everything. Thanks Living Between The Lines for this great article. I might need to go back to that beginner stage and start from square one again.

One for Good Luck

Gluten Free Gnocchi: My mom found this for me to help satisfy my craving. Since I went gluten free, I have not been able to find any restaurant that makes gluten free Gnocchi. It is one of my all-time favorite dishes and I have been missing them terribly. While this is on Pinterest because I added it, I’m still counting it. On it is listed as a DIY. In my mind it is food. So, to compromise: it is One for Good Luck! Once I make it I will let you know how it is!

Did I miss any good posts on Pinterest YOU loved? Respond in the comments section below!


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