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The Ides of March

March 20, 2016

I have never been one who believes in superstitions. The Ides of March was always something that might be real but it was for people who believed in that sort of thing. Call me a believer. These past three weeks gave a handful of good things but also many unlucky happenings. The good things:

  • I might be able to do my practicum for graduate school where I am working next year
  • There is a singles tournament this summer at the tennis club I play with
  • We got some awesome deals in the mail for brands I love that I can’t wait to use.
  • Teddy was approved and had a blast at a daycare in the area

Then, there were the unlucky things which didn’t seem to stop. First, there was the urgent care visit three weeks ago and possible crohns diagnosis. Then, I pulled my hip, was out of action for a weekend and hopped up on extra strength tylenol. Finally, my car has to be sent in for repairs after a substantial accident today coming home from tutoring (everyone involved was fine, thank god). I guess when it rains it pours and all you can do is laugh at how life just happens this way. Going with the flow is good too.

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