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Weekly Recap: Politics, Her Campus and Pats Oh My!

January 21, 2017

Another busy week for me and my pup. While T’s schedule is the same, walks in the morning and afternoon then mommy comes home in the evening. I wish mine was that consistent. Yes, I go to work every day from around 7:15 AM until close to 4 PM. The rest of my schedule is always so shaky because of the other things I have going on in my life. Now, let me make something clear. I LOVE being busy. This semester I am taking on a larger role with Her Campus which I am so excited for. This week was jam packed. Classes start next week. Then the real roller coaster begins…

This week has been filled with:

  • A lot of emotions around the current political standing of our country. The pride I have in all those people who marched today is unreal.
  • Trainings galore to help this semester’s team of chapter advisors get ready. I am so impressed with the level of dedication I have seen!
  • Getting ready for another Pats game this weekend. Cold weather jersey in hand, I am ready to take on the elements and watch them play in the AFC championship game.
  • A LOT of blogging. My goal was to keep up with the week of posts I like to do and with the one tomorrow I have met my goal.
  • Simple Mills banana muffins. Actually though. I am a bit obsessed with them and the mini ones I make allow me to pop them in my mouth like candy..
  • Cleaning. The person who comes to clean my apartment once a week is on vacation for a few weeks so I am incorporating it into my schedule. Today was so productive and I did so much laundry…
  • Photographing. This week’s challenge was tough but I finally got the picture I have been envisioning all week. I am excited to post it this weekend to 52Frames.
  • Exercise. I am keeping up with it and I am already stronger. Weights are easier and my endurance to go longer is back. I am very proud of myself.

What a week. I know next week will be even busier but it feels good. What was a highlight of your week? (Feature image because I feel like coffee was my fuel for this whole week!)

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