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Weekly Recap: Grad School, Her Campus, Teaching Oh My!

January 28, 2017

Well, this week was a complete whirlwind. I miss having nothing to do on a daily basis. I thought I chose the wrong week to complete everything on time but maybe not. This week would have been much more overwhelming if I had not done that because this week was PACKED. Between classes starting, Her Campus really starting up and teaching three days this week it is a good weekend for sleeping.

It’s a day where sleep is good but it did not happen. T kept me up late and then I didn’t have the energy to nap. Ironic isn’t it? I think the exhaustion is hitting me because I am in a blah mood. Cleaning the apartment seems to have helped but I feel like I need another cup of coffee or something.

This crazy week was full of:

  • Three days of lead teaching (credit to teachers who do it daily. It was tiring but so fun.)
  • Graduate school classes (hellooooo homework!)
  • Her Campus duties. I love the new responsability I was given and it is certainly going to test my time management (in a good way).
  • The realization I need to study for the MTEL again. It has been reschedule and now to just take it…
  • Sorting out final details for my practicum (when am I working with kids, how do I make sure it doesn’t impede my assistant obligations etc.)
  • Puppy playdates

My head feels like it’s spinning this weekend. Hopefully yoga tomorrow will clear my head more and give me a chance to just be not in this space of stress. I know after next weekend I will hopefully be less stressed because things will iron itself out. It will just take some time..

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