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That Anxious Moment When…

August 29, 2014

Everyone has heard of or said in conversation “that awkward moment”. I don’t mean the movie, which for the record is a great movie. I mean the phrase which suddenly appeared about a year ago and stuck. The past few days have been filled with not awkward moments but moments of high anxiety. A few days ago I said “that anxious moment when” out loud and loved it. Now, I don’t honestly think it will become the next big thing but if it does I will feel quite special. Now I am going to share some of my “that anxious moment when” moments I’ve experienced the past few days.

  • That anxious moment when I realized just how busy I am going to be. It is never a good idea for me to list things I need to do outloud. Never ever a good idea.
  • That anxious moment when I thought I was going to fall. I hate heights and I have the hardest time conquering that fear. The ropes course we went to last Wednesday pushed me to new limits and I was able to do one of the high ropes courses. I am so proud of myself now but while doing it my entire body was shaking. I’m thankful for the team I had backing me up.
  • That anxious moment when I accepted another position. I was accepted to be a chapter advisor for Her Campus. I am so excited and have wanted to do this since a writer from the Brandeis chapter mentioned it last year. I can’t wait to work with the other advisors and gain more experience working with other chapters besides my own. I know I am going into teaching but I keep thinking about valuable skills I can learn from all the things Her Campus has you do.
  • That anxious moment when I remembered I will be meeting the class I will be student teaching for in 4 days. On the 2nd of September I will be going into the first grade class I will be student teaching in all year. It just got real and I am ecstatic. I love that age and I can’t wait to be in a more serious teaching role than a classroom volunteer.
  • That anxious moment when I realize I am graduating in nine months. I am so not ready to enter the real world yet, no matter how excited I am to become a teacher.
  • That anxious moment when your MTEL books remind you about the last two exams you have left. I am not friends with this exam. I was not friends with it the first two times I took math or the first time I took general curriculum. I am a terrible test taker and these exams have been no exception.

I know all of these things will be overcome to some level but for now I am still reminded about how much I will be doing and how busy I will be. Sleeping, eating and exercising will be key for me to stay sane.


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  • Reply Daniela Reyes August 30, 2014 at 1:40 am

    I’m happy for your work on Her Campus, good for you!

  • Reply Leah August 30, 2014 at 3:24 am

    Great! It’s so strange when people try to categorize those types of things in “awkward moment when” and it’s like, no, not that awkward, just different.

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