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New Year, Same Me: Resolutions and Hopes for 2016

January 3, 2016

Two years ago I started this blog and the first real post I wrote was about new years resolutions. Now, I am yet again writing about resolutions like every other blogger on the internet. It’s a popular topic and every year I come up with some creative way to make it meaningful for me. This year, instead of writing about what I hope to change (which will probably end up being the same things as the last two years) I want to write about what really inspires me: the person I’ve become. I would like to think and I truly believe I have grown a lot this past year, both in maturity and emotionally.

I am ready to take on whatever gets thrown at me, able to speak up for myself and problem solving much better than I ever have. These are pretty big accomplishments. The biggest thing I believe shows how much I’ve grown is my desire and ability to care for another creature’s life while balancing my own (thank you Teddy).

So, instead of writing all about how I want to change and become a better person, I just want to stay the way I am (with tweaks here and there about my exercise and eating habits). I am so excited to grow more as the person I am now. Here are just a few things I am so proud to say I have become:

  • More patient and willing to listen
  • Less of a control freak over those things in my life I can’t control
  • Flexible and willing to roll with the punches
  • Aware of what I need to do so people hear my point of view
  • Able to speak up for something I believe is right
  • Willing to start conversations with strangers and learn more about them
  • Interested in meeting new people and starting to create a relationship with someone (entered the world of online dating)
  • More confident in my ability as a teacher
  • Learning from every moment at work and in my personal life

My hope for 2016 for myself is that these things don’t change that much this coming year, if anything they improve upon themselves.

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