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Tasty Tuesday: (Almost Real Life) Rolls

January 24, 2017

Yes, I know I have already gushed about how amazing Simple Mills is. The most delicious thing I ate this week has to be the rolls you can make with their Artisan Bread mix. Like with the pancakes, I can’t speak for what quantity you use for the dry mix but I can tell you all it took was some apple cider vinegar, eggs and oil!

It has been FOREVER since I’ve had a real roll at a restaurant or in general. These rolls genuinely taste real. Now, granted I have not had real bread or a roll in over two years so good gluten free tastes good to me. They were super easy and I was popping them in my mouth like they were candy. They are 100% better warm and fresh from the oven but even a day later cold with my lunch: not a bad substitute! I followed their suggestion and added some garlic powder. YUM! I will need to order more of the bread mix in the near future…In the meantime I am slowly going through my stash of goodies. Next project: pizza!

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